Women & Girls Bleed Too: Recognising Bleeding Disorders - Episode 1

Episode 1 July 19, 2021 00:25:46
Women & Girls Bleed Too: Recognising Bleeding Disorders - Episode 1
COR2ED Medical Education
Women & Girls Bleed Too: Recognising Bleeding Disorders - Episode 1

Jul 19 2021 | 00:25:46


Show Notes

In this first episode of the podcast series Bleeding Disorders in Women and Girls: Women & Girls Bleed Too, Dr. Michelle Lavin (Haematologist at the National Coagulation Centre, St James’ Hospital, Dublin, Ireland) and Dr. Sarah O’Brien (Paediatric Haematologist at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH, USA) discuss how bleeding disorders occur in women and girls: Women & Girls Bleed Too. In clinical practice, sometimes girls can be forgotten about as bleeding disorders are more associated with males.

Dr. Lavin and Dr. O’Brien discuss the signs and symptoms of bleeding disorders and their impact on the quality of life of young girls, adolescents and adult women. Furthermore, they address how diagnosis may be easier in adults than in children, given the longer history of bleeding challenges. The experts also explore potential taboos in discussing these signs and symptoms with patients, considering intercultural differences and gender taboos, and the importance of normalising the conversation amongst healthcare professionals.

Finally, Dr. Lavin and Dr. O’Brien provide guidance on the next steps first-line healthcare providers should take when they see a patient with abnormal bleeding, including treatment initiation to limit the bleeding and address iron deficiency and referral to a haematologist for further assessment.

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