Nurse management of AEs in patients receiving VEGFR-TKIs

Episode 1 September 08, 2021 00:12:56
Nurse management of AEs in patients receiving VEGFR-TKIs
COR2ED Medical Education
Nurse management of AEs in patients receiving VEGFR-TKIs

Sep 08 2021 | 00:12:56


Show Notes

In this podcast, Veerle Lamotte, an oncology nurse practitioner at Antwerp University Hospital and Paola Belardi, nurse chief at San Donato Hospital in Arezzo, Italy discuss the role of the nurse in the management of adverse events in patients receiving VEGFR-TKI treatment. Their discussion focuses specifically on patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC), differentiated thyroid cancer and advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

VEGFR-TKIs are widely used treatments for these solid tumours but are associated with substantial toxicity which needs early recognition and management in order to help patients stay on optimal treatment.

The most common adverse events related to these treatments are discussed together with recommendations for their management. Veerle and Paola discuss the key role of the nurse as part of the multi-disciplinary team involved in the patient’s care, and the role they have in providing close support and guidance to the patient. Education of patients regarding potential side effects and early identification and management of adverse events is key in terms of trying to keep patients on the optimum dose so that they can achieve the best outcomes.

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